• Maria Elena Marescotti: a Semester with AFRE

    Maria Elena Marescotti

    University of Milan PhD student Maria Elena Marescotti has spent six months as a visiting scholar in AFRE. Leaving at the end of the Fall 2017 semester, AFRE interviewed Marescotti on her time in the states and the opportunities presented within the department.

  • AFRE’s Impact on International Development

    The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy (FSP), has released eight stories of the incredible impact our researchers are making around the world. 

  • A Guide on Giving to AFRE at MSU

    AFRE has countless funds that fit every interest and passion for end-of-year giving. Check out this simpler way to navigate these funds, so you can give to AFRE in the most meaningful way.

  • Leading Environmental Economics at MSU and Beyond

    Environmental Economics and Management senior Chris Semrinec

    Chris Semrinec, Environmental Economics and Management senior and founder of the Sustainable Business Association at MSU, has been making the new AFRE major known to the industry.   

  • Making a Home in the Agriculture Industry

    ABM senior Katie Forro during her internship at Monsanto

    Agribusiness Management senior Katie Forro has taken advantage of the many opportunities available at MSU, and has created the ultimate undergraduate experience. 

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