• Discrete Choice Experiments Workshop

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    Target audience

    The course is open to graduate students at different levels (MSc, MPhil, PG-diploma, and PhD), academics, consultants, and other practitioners. Applications will be evaluated on a first-come first-serve basis; as well as on motivations indicated in the application letter. Recommendation letters by academic supervisors endorsing the good standing of the candidate are welcomed, but not required.

    Location: Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University – East Lansing – United States.


  • MSU professor Thomas Jayne testifies on The Next Farm Bill

    Thomas Jayne

    MSU Professor Thomas Jayne was requested to testify before the House Committee on Agriculture on “The Next Farm Bill: The Future of International Food Aid and Agricultural Development,” June 7.

  • Beloved agriculture economics professor David Schweikhardt dies

    David B. Schweikardt

    David B. Schweikhardt, professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, was found dead in his home last week. No cause of death has been identified.

  • From South Korea to MSU, Vincenzina Caputo continues to grow her success

    Vincenzina Caputo, AFRE assistant professor, aims higher in her research on how food consumers make choice and how those choices affect the food sysenm supply chains and policy.

  • People and awards of 2016-2017

    The Department of AFRE congratulates several faculty who received awards and says goodbye to former faculty members who passed away this year.

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