Malawi Award

FSP LogoThe Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy: Malawi, is a project funded by USAID Malawi.  Within Malawi this activity is known as NAPAS: Malawi (The New Alliance Policy Acceleration Support: Malawi). 

The New Alliance Policy Acceleration Support: Malawi (NAPAS: Malawi) activity has the goal of effectively supporting the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation,and Water Development (MoAIWD) of the government of Malawi so that it sustainably achieves the high-level commitments to policy reform in the agriculture sector made in the G8 New Alliance Country Cooperation Framework for Malawi in late-2013 . These reforms aim to improve the agriculture investment climate in Malawi and enable increased commercialization of Malawi’s agricultural sector. View project information from links below, or on the left.

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