Director Loveridge


Professsor Scott Loveridge - Director of The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.

''Professor Scott Loveridge leads a 12-state regional center working to build a better rural America: the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.  In this capacity, he assists personnel in over thirty institutions of higher education, and also develops strong working relationships with agencies and non-profits.  Loveridge’s leadership, connections, and facilitative actions serve a broad set of NCRCRD partners and clients.

Scott also identifies a number of important benefits and new opportunities which flow to AFRE and its clients from such a broad national exposure. Loveridge’s proximity to AFRE allows him to serve as a mentor and informal trainer for Departmental faculty and Extension personnel in better identifying evolving Michigan’s rural development problems, clients and development opportunities.  AFRE faculty and graduate students also benefit from Scott’s extensive professional networks and up-to-date knowledge of the latest policy priorities.  AFRE faculty can also compete in NCRCRD’s small grant program, and if successful, this can help them prepare to compete for larger grants. 

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