State and Local Government

The MSU Extension State and Local Government group helps the people of Michigan improve their civic lives through an educational process that applies knowledge to critical needs, issues, and opportunities.   The group participates in the Michigan Local Government Benchmarking Consortium.  Faculty in the group also implement in conjunction with MSU Extension the Center for Local Government Finance and  Policy.

Faculty in the group offer learning opportunities and information to officials and the general citizenry on topics such as:

  • state and local government organization and process
  • public budgeting and finance
  • intergovernmental agreements
  • taxation                                                                                                               
  • strategic planning for governmental units
  • effective meeting management                                                                              

AFRE Faculty participating in State and Local Government Programs, and publications from this work are listed below:

Photo below of selected AFRE faculty and graduate students working on State and Local Government programs

Photo of selected State and Local Government Faculty