Michael Dolislager

Michael Dolislager

PhD Student, Job Candidate

Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

200 Cook Hall

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Biographical Information

I am interested in applying economics to real world issues.  My current research focuses on food markets in the developing world.  I analyze the demands of individuals and the impacts of these demands on the greater market with the hope that this research would be useful in the forward-thinking policies of developing countries.  I intend to continue applying the skills that I have acquired in future market-based research.

I find analyzing economic trends and human response fascinating.  I enjoy sharing my passion for economics with others and watching their interest grow.  It is not only for personal gratification that I discuss and write about economics: I believe that the exchange of economic understanding is the only way to bring value to the knowledge gained from economics.

Thanks you for considering me as a potential member of economic team!