Donald "Trey" Malone


Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
M.S., Oklahoma State University
B.A., Rockhurst University

Assistant Professor

Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

446 W. Circle, Dr., Rm 306 Morrill Hall of Agriculture
East Lansing MI 48824

517 353 4518, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Publications (View all Dr. Malone’s publications on Google Scholar sorted by year.)

Selected Publications

  • Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2017. “If You Brew it, Who Will Come?  Market Segments in the American Beer Market.”  Agribusiness: an International Journal. Forthcoming.
  • Malone, Trey and Dustin Chambers. 2017. “Quantifying Federal Regulatory Burdens in the Beer Value Chain.” Agribusiness: an International Journal. EarlyCite: 1-6.
  • Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2017. “The Excessive Choice Effect Meets the Market: A Field Experiment on Craft Beer Choice.” Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Economics. 67(2): 8-13.
  • Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2017. “Taste Trumps Health and Safety: Incorporating Consumer Perceptions into a Discrete Choice Experiment for Meat.” Journal of Agricultural & Applied Economics. 49(1): 139-157.
  • Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2016. “Brewing Up Entrepreneurship: Government Intervention in Beer.Journal of Entrepreneurship & Public Policy. 5(3): 325-342. [Outstanding Paper Winner, Editorial Board]
  • Malone, Trey and Jayson L. Lusk. 2016. “Putting the Chicken Before the Egg Price: An Ex Post Analysis of California’s Battery Cage Ban.”  Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics. 41(3): 518-532.