Refugio I. Rochin

Refugio I. Rochin

Ph.D., 1971. Michigan State University
MA., 1969. Michigan State University
MS., 1967. University of Arizona
BA., 1966. University of California, Berkeley

Former Professor and Director, Julian Samora Research Institute

Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

AEC/AFRE Faculty, 1994 to 1998


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Notable Docs/Pubs

Notable Publications and Presentations (downloadable)

Rural Latino - An Assessment of Evolving Conditions. 2013. By Refugio I. Rochin. Chapter 6 (pages 81-93) in “The Economic Status of the Hispanic Population.”  Information Age Publishing.

Latino Adaptations and Connections in Rural America.  2013. By Refugio I. Rochin.  In Rural Connections. USDA Western Rural Development Center 8.I (2013): 11-16.

An Educational Journey.  2011. By Dr. Refugio Rochin – A Video Presentation: Taking students along the path of his educational journey from the barrio of Colton, California to becoming one of “America’s Top 100 Influential Hispanics.”  Texas Lutheran University. 2011.

U.S. Latino Patriots.  2005. By Rufegio I. Rochin and Lionel Fernandez . Julian Samora Research Institute - Michigan State University e-book series (2005): 1-58.

Human Capital, Economic Development, and the Rural Poor: Discussion. 1990. By Rufegio I. Rochin.   American Journal of Agricultural Economics: December, 1990 (Volume 72, Number 5)

The Conversion of Chicano Farm Workers into Owner-Operators of Cooperative Farms, 1970-1985. 1986. By Rufugio Rochin.  Rural Sociology: Spring, 1986 (Volume 51, Number 1)

Rural Poverty and the Problem of Increasing Food Production on Small Farms: The Case of Colombia. 1977.  By Rufegio I Rochin, Western Journal of Agricultural Economics. Volume 01, Number 01, June 1977.