Refugio I. Rochin

Refugio I. Rochin

Ph.D., 1971. Michigan State University
MA., 1969. Michigan State University
MS., 1967. University of Arizona
BA., 1966. University of California, Berkeley

Former Professor and Director, Julian Samora Research Institute

Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

AEC/AFRE Faculty, 1994 to 1998


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  • Full-Professor in three disciplines: Sociology, Agricultural Economics, and Chicano/Latino Studies. Developed new academic programs and curriculum, including the MS degree programs in Community Development and International Agricultural Development (at UC Davis), the BA degree program in Chicana/o Studies (at UC Davis); and drafted plans for Latino Studies at Michigan State University and The University of Notre Dame.
  • Former Program Administrator of the Ford Foundation and member of the Nobel Laureate team of Dr. Norman Borlaug, known for “The Green Revolution in Asia”. Developed research on peasant systems, diffusion and adoption of innovations, & income generation.
  • Team member of consultant teams and advisor to USDA, USAID/State Department and international organizations, for economic development projects and programs, including the following international activities: ( as Consultant (C), Team Leader (TL), and Principal Investigator (PI).
    • July-Aug 2014: CNFA Volunteer Farmer To Farmer Chimoio,  Mozambique
    • Fall-2012: Kenya, CNFA Tech Expert on Resource Mobilization and Marketing
    • Wtr-2011: Ghana, ACDI/VOCA Chain-Market Consultant
    • 2005-09: Mexico, Member “Red de Talentos” Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • 1997-98: Argentina, “Assessment of Agro-Industrial Potential, Entre Rios Province, for MERCOSUR Trade Region. (PI)
    • Sum 1994: South Korea/Rotary Club Fellow of Exchange Program
    • Sum 1992: West Bank & Gaza, US State Dept. Cooperative Sector Analysis. (TL)
    • Year 1991: Mexico/UC-MEXUS Scholar “World Food and Agriculture”. (PI)
    • Spg 1991: Guatemala/USAID “Biosphere Reserve & Conservation Project”. (PI)
    • Sum 1989: Honduras/USAID “Cooperatives & Farm Credit Systems”. (C)
    •  Fall 1988: Ecuador/USAID “Conservation Practices of Peasant Farmers”. (C)
    • Sum 1985: Panama/USAID “Agricultural Technology and Transfer Systems”. (TL)
    • 1984: Mexico/Stanford University “Linking Peasants and Research”. (PI)
    • 1981-83: Egypt/USAID-UCD “Assessment of Agricultural Cooperatives”. (PI)
    • Fall 1983: Peru/USAID “Assessment of Agribusiness Development Projects”. (C)
    • Fall 1982: El Salvador/USAID “Impacts of Agrarian Reform”. (PI)
    • Wtr 1980 & 1979 Barbados, Antigua, St.Vincent, St.Lucia, Montserrat, Dominica/USAID/Caribbean Development Bank “Agribusiness Investments” (TL) & “Inter-island Export Production and Marketing”. (TL)
    • Fall 1978: Pakistan/USAID/OECD “Increasing Small Farmer Productivity”. (PI)
    • Sum 1978: Peru/USAID “The Effectiveness of Research and Extension”. (TL)
    • Wtr 1976: Pakistan/USAID/Stanford “Plan Communication Center”.  (C)
    • 1973-75: Colombia/Ford Foundation “Integrated Rural Development”. (PI)
    • 1969-71: Bangladesh and Pakistan/Ford Foundation Staff Green Revolution Team, Included data gathering in Thailand and Philippines
    • 1962-64: Colombia/Peace Corps Volunteer Leader-Community Development