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Risch, Corey C., M.A. Boland, J.M. Crespi, and M. Leinweber. Determinants of Occupational Safety in Agribusiness Workers. Appl. Econ. Perspect. Pol. (2014) 36 (3): 546-559 doi:10.1093/aepp/ppu003

Risch, C.C., M.A.Boland, and J.M.Crespi. 2014. “Survival of U.S. Sugar Beet Plants from 1897 to 2011.” Agribusiness 30 (3): 265–277

Risch, Corey C. and C.A. Wolf. Profit maximizing calving interval with limited labor resources. Abstract presented and published in the Proceedings of the 2001 American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN; Abstract 319.