Brent M. Simpson

Brent M. Simpson

Ph.D., Michigan State University
M.S., Michigan State University
B.S., Colorado State University

Former Associate Professor, International Development

Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

MSU/AFRE Faculty 2003 - 2014
FAO Rome, Italy

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Notable Docs/Pres


Notable Publications and Presentations (downloadable)

  • Pocket Guide 1: Extension Practice for Agricultural Adaptation. 2016.  By Brent M. Simpson. Published by Catholic Relief Services.
  • Farmer-to-Farmer Extension: Issues in Planning and Implementation. 2015. by Brent M. Simpson, Steven Franzel, Ann Degrande, Godfrey Kundhlande, Sygnola Tsafack. MEAS Technical Note.
  • Planning for Scale: Using what we know about human behavior in the diffusion of agricultural innovation and the role or agricultural extension. 2015. By Dr. Brent M. Simpson. MEAS Technical Note.
  • Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in The Sahel Profiles of Agricultural Management Practices. 2014. Mukesh Ray and Brent M. Simpson, Michigan State University, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics.
  • Agriculture Extension and Advisory Services under the  New Normal of Climate Change. USAID Presentation. 2013. By  Brent M. Simpson, Michigan State University and Gaye Burpee, Catholic Relief Services.
  • Ag Sector Council | Brent M. Simpson | Climate Change and Agricultural Extension. You tube presentation. 2013.
  • “Investigation of the fate and concentration of Phorbol Ester in co-products and wastes from bio-diesel processing of Jatropha curcas and the detoxification of Jatropha seedcake,” by S. Masten, B. Simpson, S. Hengemuehle, P. Pati, A. Alpatova, and M. Yokoyama (under review).
  • “Whole-Farm Agroforestry Carbon Financial Calculator Toolkit (excel) and Guidebook,” B. Simpson and J. Allwardt, The World Agroforestry Center, July 2011.
  • “Climate Change, Land Use, Agriculture and the Emerging Bioeconomy,” by D. Skole and B. Simpson, in Graedel, T. and E. van der Voet (eds.), 2009, Linkages of Sustainability. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • “The Transfer and Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies: Issues, Lessons and Opportunities,” African Technology Development Forum Journal Vol. 3(1):10-17, 2006.
  • “Farmer Field Schools and the Future of Agricultural Extension in Africa,” by B. Simpson and M. Owens. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education Vol.9(2):29-36, 2002.
  • “Adoption et Adaptation de Techniques Agricoles Innovantes dans le Sud-Ouest de Mali.” Autrepart (Cahiers des Sciences Humaines Nouvelle Serie) 15:5-27, 2000.
  • The Roots of Change: Human behaviour and agricultural evolution in Mali. Studies in Indigenous Knowledge and Development. London: Intermediate Technology Publications, 1999.