Nicholas Sitko

Nicholas Sitko

Ph.D., University of Colorado
M.A., University of Denver
B.S., Colorado State University

Assistant Professor, International Development

Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

Rm 219,Justin S Morrill Hall of Agriculture
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039

743 790-5822, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Selected Publications

Sitko, N.J., Hichambwa, M., and J. Chamberline. “Do Land Titles Facilitate Smallholder Agricultural Growth in Zambia?” Submitted to World Development

Jayne, T.S., A. Chapoto, N.J. Sitko, C. Nkonde, M. Muyanga, and J. Chamberlin. (In press)” Is the Scramble for Land in Africa Foreclosing a Smallholder Agricultural Expansion Strategy?” Journal of International Affairs, Spring 2014 Issue.

Sitko, N. and T.S. Jayne (In Press). “Structural dynamism or elite land capture?: A case study of emergent farm growth in Zambia”. In Food Policy’s Special Edition on African Land 2014

Sitko, N. and T.S. Jayne (2014). “Exploitative Briefcase Businessmen, Parasites, and Other Myths and Legends: Assembly Traders and the Performance of Maize Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa.” World Development, Volume 54, Pages 56-67.

Sitko, N. (2013). “”My hunger has brought business”: Efficiency and the de-moralizing logic of maize distribution in an era of market liberalization.” The Journal of Peasant Studies Vol. 40(2) pp. 413-430.  

Sitko, N. (2012) “Hunger for Money: Maize, Food Security, and Identity Formation within Polygynous Households in Rural Southern Zambia.” Food, Culture, and Society Vol. 15(3) pp 415-435.

Sitko, N. and T.S. Jayne (2012) “Why Are African Commodity Exchanges Languishing: A Case Study of the Zambian Agricultural Commodity Exchange”  Food Policy 37(3) pp 275-282.

Sitko, N. (2010). “Fractured Governance and Local Frictions: The exclusionary nature of a clandestine land market in southern Zambia.” Africa. Vol. 80 (1). pp 36-55.

Sitko, N. (2008). “Maize, Food Insecurity and the Field of Performance in Southern Zambia”. Agriculture and Human Values. Vol. 25(1). pp 3-11.

Sitko, N. (2008). “The Social Life of maize:  Food security, neoliberalism, and non-market exchanges in southern Zambia”. African Geographical Review, vol. 25. pp. 2-14.