Herman J. Wyngarden

Herman J. Wyngarden

Ph.D., 1920. University of Michigan
M.S. . University of Washington
B.S. . University of Washington

Former Chair and Professor Emeritus

Economics (when AEC/AFRE was part of the Economics Department)
Michigan State University

MSU Faculty, 1924-1958


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Wyngarden Biographical Information

Professor Emeritus Herman J. Wyangarden was born in Wisconsin. He was named head of the Department of Economics in 1943 and continued in that position until July 1, 1949 when he was appointed dean of Michigan State University’s College of Business and Public Service.  Professor Wyngarden came to Michigan State University as associate professor of economics in 1924.  He had previously taught economics at the University of Michigan from 1921-24.  He authored several publications in the field of money, banking and business cycles.  He was appointed by President Roosevelt to serve on the Detroit area War Labor Board in 1943-46 and the War Stabilization Board during 1946-47.  He was a member of many national organizations.

Professor Wyngarden served as dean of the College of Business and Public Service at Michigan State University from 1949-1958. Under his leadership, the school was separated into two divisions, the Division of Business and the Division of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management.  He also oversaw the accreditation of the business administration program and the gaining of the formal status of a college.

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