Jinhua Zhao

Jinhua Zhao

Ph.D, University of California at Berkeley
MSc. University of Guelph
B. Eng., University of Science and Technology Beijing


Economics & Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Michigan State University

Room 205A Old Botany
East Lansing MI 48824 USA

517 353 9935, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Selected Publications

Corrigan, Jay, Kling, Catherine, Zhao, Jinhua. 2008. Willingness to pay and the cost of commitment: An empirical specification and test. Environmental and Resource Economics 40 285-298

“Welfare Measures When Consumers Can Learn: A Unifying Theory,” (with Cathy Kling,) Economic Journal, forthcoming

“The Dynamic Formation of Willingness to Pay: An Empirical Specification and Test,” (with Jay Corrigan and Catherine Kling,) Environmental and Resource Economics, v 40, 2008, 285-298

“Optimal Use of Correlated Information in Mechanism Design When Full Surplus Extraction May Be Impossible,” (with Subir Bose,) Journal of Economic Theory, v 135, 2007, 357-381

“Green Subsidies in Agriculture: Estimating the Adoption Costs of Conservation Tillage From Observed Behavior,” (with Lyubov A. Kurkalova and Catherine L. Kling), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, v 54, 2006, 247-267  (winner of the Outstand Journal Article Award of the Canadian Ag Econ Association)

“Willingness-to-Pay, Compensating Variation, and the Cost of Commitment,” (with Catherine Kling,) Economic Inquiry, v 42, n 3, July 2004, 503-517

“Irreversible Abatement Investment under Cost Uncertainties: Tradable Emission Permits and Emissions Charges,” Journal of Public Economics, v 87, December 2003, 2765-2789

“The Uncertain Benefits of Environmental Reform in Open Economies,” (with Larry Karp and Sandeep Sacheti,) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, v 45, n 2, March 2003, 246-264

“The Time Path and Implementation of Carbon Sequestration,” (with Hongli Feng and Catherine Kling,) American Journal of Agricultural Economics, v 84, n 1, Feb 2002, 134-149

“Common Ground Between Free-Traders and Environmentalists,” (with Larry Karp and Sandeep Sacheti,) International Economic Review, v 42, n 3, August 2001, 617-647