Evaluating the Drivers and Determinants of Consumers’ Willingness to Recycle [2014 -2015]

Co-Principal Investigators:

Project end date: October 31, 2015

This project is funded by the MSU Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability.   The goals is to identify the drivers and determinants of consumers’ willingness to recycle and perceived obstacles to recycling, and develop strategies to change consumer behavior related to the recycling of packaging materials.  The research will conduct an online nationwide consumer survey to identify the factors affecting consumers’ decision to recycle packaging materials.  It will estimate consumers’ willingness to recycle based on products and packaging materials’ characteristics, and test how financial incentives, labeling content and delivery strategies affect consumers’ decision to recycle. The research will explicit control for social desirability bias in our research through the use of direct and indirect questioning. The empirical methodology is based on using experimental choice modeling methods to analyze consumer preferences for recycling of packaging materials and assess various types of information delivering strategies to encourage recycling behavior.

Potential Impact on Packaging Innovation and Sustainability:  This project will advance knowledge in the field of consumer preferences for recycling and provide insights on how to enhance recycling behavior. Our results will serve as a platform for members of the packaging industry to design effective recycling campaigns and improve label content and delivery strategies to motivate the recycling of packaging materials. This framework will be transferable to a wide range of products, and serve as a benchmark to understand consumer recycling behavior in other regions of the world.

Implementation Sept 2014 – Aug 2015.

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