Market Processes in La Paz, Bolivia - LAMP Country Study.  [1966 - 1967]

Co-Principal Investigators:
  • Charles Slater - Co-Director,Don Henley, and John Wish, Marketing and Transportation Dept,: Vince Farace, Communication Dept, MSU.

Project end date: December 31, 1967

Project Name:           Market Processes in La Paz, Bolivia - LAMP Country Study*
Donor:                        Agency for International Development, Government of Bolivia
Contract No:              AID/LA-364 and AID/CSD-786
Account No:               71-2035
Location:                    Bolivia
Duration:                    1966-1967
Budget:                       A portion of LAMP Summary  budget

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Project Goals:           To describe and evaluate the exchange processes for consumer goods

and foods in La Paz with a principal focus on the private sector’s involvement in and contribution to the food marketing system; to develop recommendations concerning marketing reforms that would foster internal market integration.

Project Plans/Objectives:

This project included several areas of research:

  • Consumers living in the La Paz market.
  • The food retailing and wholesaling institutions of La Paz, with an emphasis on isolating institutional characteristics of various institutions in the market process.
  • Food transport system.
  • Food producers and country assemblers.
  • Rural fairs and peasant consumption, especially the availability of consumer and farm input goods on the Altiplano, as well as communications media.

Cooperating Institutions: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Census and Statistics Bureau of the Treasury Department, National Transit Service, National Commission for Transportation Rationalization Survey, National Railroad Enterprise, Community Development, Peace Corps, various retailing and market women’s unions, the Federation of Truckers, the Faculty of Economics of the University of San Andres, and the AID/Bolivia mission

Project Summary: Running simultaneously with the study in Northeast Brazil, the Bolivia research was the third in a series of AID-funded efforts to ascertain information on marketing systems in Latin America. The study was concerned with La Paz consumer behavior, including economic characteristics of La Paz residents, the social-economic interface between consumer and retailer, the urban marketing system (including both wholesale and retail operations), the physical distributive link in the marketing system—trucking, the rural farmer as both producer and consumer, an analysis of the marketing system as a whole, and recommendations for urban and  rural reforms to rationalize the production and marketing of foodstuffs in La Paz and its foodshed area.

Documents From/About This Project:

  •  Market Processes in La Paz. Bolivia. 1969. By Charles Slater, Don Henley, John Wish, Vince Farace, Lloyd Jacobs, David Lindley, Alfredo Mercado, and Michael Moran.  Research Report No.3.  Marketing in Developing Communities Series. Latin American Studies Center, MSU.


*This description is adapted from work by Nancy E. Horn, an MSU alumnus from the Anthropology Department, published in 1985 “A Project History of Michigan State University’s Participation in International Development for the period 1951 – 1985”.  See AFRE Emeritus Faculty - Acknowledgements