Support to COMESA and CAADP Africa Bureau Associate Award [2007 - 2009]

Co-Principal Investigators:

Project end date: September 30, 2000

This was a project funded by the Africa Bureau Office of Sustainable Development, as a two-year Associate Award under the Food Security III (FS III) Cooperative Agreement (Oct, 2007 -Nov 2009). The strategic goal of the Food Security III Cooperative Agreement was to integrate applied research findings into national, regional, and international policy dialogue and program design to promote rapid and sustainable agricultural growth as a means to cut hunger and poverty.

The purpose of this Associate Award was to mobilize the expertise and analytical resources of FS III personnel to support COMESAs efforts to implement CAADP Pillar 3 activities at regional and country levels (promoting food and nutrition security and dealing with the challenges of the vulnerable and food-insecure populations).  This was consistent with a Memorandum of Understanding between COMESA and the Department of Agricultural Economics at Michigan State University, which was signed in January 2007. 

The general objectives of the proposed Associate Award were to:

  • Conduct applied research and policy analysis relevant to achieving the Pillar 3 objectives.
  • Conduct outreach on the results of these and related applied research and policy analysis activities.
  • Participate in selected COMESA planning meetings.
  • Contribute to activities that build the capacity of COMESA and its partner organizations to conduct policy analysis and dialogue.

Three key themes were the focus for this work:

  • Food staple production, marketing and trade.
  • Fertilizer and related input markets.
  • Health and productivity linkages.

MSU coordinated activities with COMESA and Re-SAKSS SA through the formulation of joint annual work plans. Analysis, written outputs, and policy dialogue were closely linked to targets of opportunity presented by COMESA’s policy agenda and calendar.

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